Here is a list of terms we use in the event industry.

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Action Station

An event food service area staffed by a chef or cook. Foods such as sushi, omelettes, crepes, Mexican foods, and more are created as your guests watch. Guests can request specific ingredients to tailor to their individual tastes.

Aisle Ropes

Thick ropes or lines that can be attached to a stanchion. These are used at events to partition off an area and control the crowd. Aisle ropes are commonly used at events to rope off an entrance so people have to check in before entering. Ropes and stanchions are also used to section off a VIP area, bouncers or guards who usually patrol the entrance.

Aisle Standards

A standard is the base placed strategically at a venue to contain a certain area. Ropes are then clipped to them to section off an area.


A room in a theatre with stadium seating for viewing movies, multi-media presentations, live presentations or other content; may be used as a meeting room facility.